Friday, 24 September 2021

The World is coming to an end ( poem ) :

The world is coming to an end

Rent bills are rising,

More people are suffering,

Covid - 19 hit us with an empowering pound,

The Delta Variant hit us and is making sound,

Grocery shops with empty shelves,

All the food is running out,

Food prices going up,

Why isn't the original price enough?, 

Smiles covered by a mask,

People emotions at Wrath,

Roads are empty,

Peoples turned off sanity,

Dairy’s are left deserted and lonely,

Businesses are failing consistently,The world has collapsed into a form of darkness,

Leaving souls and faces of pure sadness,

The happiness and the outdoors have been extracted,

Families and friends who have been restrained,

Privilege and opinions that have been detained,

The virus constructed protest that has occured,

The world's future has come to a blur,  

But how much more can we endure?,

Finance, bills, taxes, all unpaid,

Jobless citizens suffering in pain,

Countries are fighting, 

More kids are crying,

And don’t forget, people are dying,

Bit by bit we are losing each other,

Why can’t we just take care of one another?

BOOMS erupting,

It seems so disgusting,

Why is it us kids don’t have the voices to speak,

But we have the brains to think.

Bye : Asinate , Giselle & Aleenah

A Slip of Hope ( Poem ) :

 A Slip Of Hope

I am sick of staying in the house

 when people are out here trying to protest to get out,

My emotions just need to be  shouted out,

 All I want to do is just see people face to face ,

Because It all started with the first covid case,

 I am sick of using technology day and day,

Wishing there was something to say,

 Hearing the news night to night is just a nightmare,

Do people really care?

 What is going on with this world?

My life has now curled,

Can’t people just listen to the rules that they are given,

Do protesters need to be forgiven?,

But my dreams are my diary of hope,

My Goals that are dangling on a rope,

Grasping on the hands of belief,

Wishing the world was above not beneath,

Believing in what the world can do,

Is a blur vision that is renewed, 

But if we try, we may succeed,

If we just have hope and belief...

Bye : Asinate , Giselle & Aleenah

Positives from room 8 :

Positives from Room 8

 As Lockdown has been tough,     

And the outdoor restrictions that are rough,

There's moments in Lockdown that Room 8 really loves,

So lets share what we know,

From the top then below,

Something all our students enjoy,

Is spending time with family, How can you avoid

We love the sibling get togethers,

 Our Dads telling terrible bad jokes, oh brother? 

Our Mum’s and I’s special breakfast, lunch, and dinner to eat,

It's such a scrumptious and delicious treat,

Awesome family Celebrations, 

For special time occasions,

So many whereby meets,

Day and night, Night and Day,

Too many words some have been waiting to say,

Laughter has broken out,

Oh what's that? I’ve been too loud?

Oof this wifi has gotten a little lame,

But at least I would still be able to see and hear those faces of shame!

So covid, you want to interrupt my friendships? Well too bad! because they always stay the same,

 All I want to do is just see people face to face ,

Because It all started with the first covid case,

Waiting in a long line just to get a never ending stick up  your nose,

Let me tell you it does not smell like a rose,

So, go and get your first vaccine dose!

And don’t wait,

Before it is all too late,

breathe in breathe out,

your emotions should be flooded out,

Smiles of joy seem to be one last lonely boy,  

It was always “go outside and get some new fresh air”,

Now it is “ i don’t care “,

What’s the point of going outside to exercise when covid isn’t fair?

polluted air has got to the sky, I wish I could just cry. 

We've been trapped in our houses for so many weeks,

My sanity is going down,

 The urge I have to just scream and shout,

But what gets me going,

Is that lockdown cannot break people's creativity ( Which is brightly showing) ,

Artistic features I can inform,

Unique Art pieces in different forms,

Cooking, Drawing, Painting, sculpting and much more,

Lockdown maybe the sadness in me that's for sure,

But Lockdown cannot break my smile,

Cause I know it will last a while,

Thanks to New Zealand showing us their best,

Even at the worst time, New Zealand's doings are always expressed,

From cleaning the house to sweeping outside,

I will rather hide ,

Unfortunately we are cleaning non-stop,

I wish your reward can be from the gift shop,

Wishing there was something to say,

We will not be having a good day.

All of these moments in our lives that Room 8 Love,

Finally we finished writing, bottom and above.

Bye : Asinate , Giselle & Aleenah

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Belive in what you can do : By Asinate

 A  million dreams to chase, one day. I want to become a flight attendant accompanying people, serving them, socialising and getting a great view.

Flight attendants play a big part on an air plane. Talking about the safety rules, serving cups of tea and coffee, soothing those who may be scared and also getting to know other co-workers, are all important roles for flight attendants. 

I feel like I would enjoy being a flight attendant as I have great leadership skills. I am able to take charge of different situations immediately and I have a lot of common sense. I love to take care of those around me who might be scared or new to flying. I am kind and compassionate when talking to the public and I can also speak two languages which are very important in the flying industry.

I am an independent person and love to do things on my own. I love to comfort others whatever they are going through on the plane, at the airport or in life in general. I enjoy travelling around  New Zealand  and I also enjoy long flights just like how I like long car rides!

I believe that I would be an excellent  flight attendant because I have the leadership skills, patience and the passion to work with people making their travel safe and enjoyable.