Thursday, 23 July 2020

Life Jackets - By Asinate

Brother's Love - By Asinate

 In the early morning I could hear birds chirping and the golden sun shining upon my house.Two kids run up and down the neighborhood laughing.I make eggs and Nutri Grain and milk.

Suddenly I saw watery tears coming down a little boy’s  eyes.As I am rushing to see what is happening car by car  pass  me . Sirens going on and off, people running to see what has happened.

I can see his skin clawed and ripped apart. As the little boy’s watery tears come down his face I look to  the side, the mother sobbing and crying for help.

As the little boy was rushed to the hospital his little sister cries as the doors are closed and the ambulance speeds away. To this day the little boy still has his beautiful smile.

Covid-19:By Asinate

Sunday, 21 June 2020

What is a Prayer-By Asinate

Today in R.E we were discussing the definition of Prayer.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

A Wink and a Blink-y Asinate

Yesterday, for Drama we began a study on Rapunzel. Instead of reading the story we had to design an article to 10 seconds around different artifacts associated with the fairy tale. The artifacts consisted of: a black cape, bird/next necklace, padlock and key and lastly a crown. Here is the article my group constructed around the artifact our group chose.