Friday, 24 September 2021

The World is coming to an end ( poem ) :

The world is coming to an end

Rent bills are rising,

More people are suffering,

Covid - 19 hit us with an empowering pound,

The Delta Variant hit us and is making sound,

Grocery shops with empty shelves,

All the food is running out,

Food prices going up,

Why isn't the original price enough?, 

Smiles covered by a mask,

People emotions at Wrath,

Roads are empty,

Peoples turned off sanity,

Dairy’s are left deserted and lonely,

Businesses are failing consistently,The world has collapsed into a form of darkness,

Leaving souls and faces of pure sadness,

The happiness and the outdoors have been extracted,

Families and friends who have been restrained,

Privilege and opinions that have been detained,

The virus constructed protest that has occured,

The world's future has come to a blur,  

But how much more can we endure?,

Finance, bills, taxes, all unpaid,

Jobless citizens suffering in pain,

Countries are fighting, 

More kids are crying,

And don’t forget, people are dying,

Bit by bit we are losing each other,

Why can’t we just take care of one another?

BOOMS erupting,

It seems so disgusting,

Why is it us kids don’t have the voices to speak,

But we have the brains to think.

Bye : Asinate , Giselle & Aleenah

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